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Politics Against Nature

As I write, the lame-duck Congress is revving up for one last chance to do really lasting damage to the country, in the form of the cloyingly titled DREAM Act, which would grant an open-ended amnesty to illegal aliens who were brought here as children by their parents.  As Roy Beck of NumbersUSA warns, this would allow the amnestied children to sponsor still more legal immigrants—that is, “chain migration”—and would tempt foreign parents who haven’t yet tried to sneak their children across our borders.  Bills like this one are not going away.  Aware that most Americans resent the claims of illegal immigrants, and that a substantial plurality even wish to diminish legal immigration, the coalition of open-borders advocates have cleverly crafted this bill to focus on a group that can win our sympathy: children, who never made a decision to break American laws, but were simply dragged here by their parents.  One high-profile supporter of this bill is the Catholic bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Robert W. Finn.  As the bishop wrote Sen. Claire McCas­kill (D-MO),

[O]ur federal elected officials can provide a remedy for a very vulnerable group of immigrants—young persons who entered the United States with their parents years ago.  Their futures are limited because of their undocumented status, yet they have so much to give to our communities and nation.

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