Politicians #NeverLearn

Donald Trump’s first year as President is drawing to a close, and it’s been rough.  The Republican Congress proved unequal to the task of repealing Obama Care.  The border wall hasn’t been built.  The administration is packed with generals and hawkish ideologues who push the President toward foreign intervention.  A special prosecutor stalks the land, turning up no evidence of collusion with Russia to steal an election, but laying snares for officials who are unwary about what they tell the FBI.  The President’s party suffered a rout in Virginia, not only in the commonwealth’s gubernatorial race but in its legislative contests, too—a sign of things to come in the congressional midterms, Democrats are certain.

They’re probably right.  Things will get worse for Trump in 2018.  The Republicans will lose seats in the House of Representatives, and they could well lose control.  Swings against a president’s party are typical of midterms, and two of the last three presidents—Clinton and Obama—lost the House two years into their administrations.  Even the Senate is not entirely safe for Republicans, though the map of the seats up for re-election next November is favorable to them.  Incumbent Republican senators might even face primary challenges backed by Steve Bannon, the President’s former chief strategist.  If Bannon’s...

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