Cultural Revolutions

Political Science

The ruckus over Ebola would be funny if the stakes weren’t so high.  Here’s a disease that presents a lethal threat to the general public, but rather than addressing its danger on purely medical grounds, our officials and commentators are subjecting it to political calculation.

Rush Limbaugh, for one, knows precisely who’s responsible for the disease showing up on our shores.  It’s those ungrateful blacks who fled (his word) America in the early 19th century to create their own nation in Africa.  Rush seems to think these fellows were unpatriotic.  Evidently, his writers neglected to complete the picture for him.  President James Monroe had encouraged these “ingrates” to found Liberia in the 1820’s, and they, in turn, responded by naming their capitol Monrovia, in tribute to him.  A point too fine, no doubt, to register on the radar of the great patriot of the airwaves.

If you think Rush’s analysis fantastic, consider the heated response to anyone who proposes quarantining those infected with Ebola.  HIV activists are objecting loudly.  Why, one wonders, would homosexuals feel compelled to weigh in on this issue?  After all, it would seem to be outside the purview of their highly focused advocacy.  Perhaps they’re motivated by the desire to be consistent.  In 1984, when AIDS first surfaced, prominent homosexuals...

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