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Polemics & Exchanges
As a World War II buff who has earned a\r\nmental and emotional Pnrple Heart b\\'\r\nsuffering througli Disne\\ "s Pearl Harbor,\r\nI am disappointed h\\' Oeorge McCartne\\\r\n's insubstantial re\\'ie\\\\ of this einematie\r\ntra\\est\\.\r\nDr. i\\lcCartne\\ stumbles o\\er faets of\r\nw hieh e\\en the l^isne\\' Studio was aw are:\r\nviz., that no American carriers were present\r\nat Pearl Harbor during the raid\r\n(whereas Dr. MeCartnex writes of "Zeros\r\nbuz/ing abo\\e and between U.S. carriers\r\nand battleships"); and that the Oklahonui,\r\nnot the Arizona, capsized, the former\r\nbeing torj^edoed, the latter blowing\r\nup from a direct hit b\\ a bomb on a forward\r\nmagazine. (To Disne\\'s credit, both\r\nof these events were ]:)ortra\\ed rather\r\nwell.)\r\nDr. -\\lcC"artnc\\ was "impressed" b\\'\r\n"computer-generated Zeros buzzing . . .\r\nlike angn w asps on speed," w hich indicates\r\nthat he has nc\\cr \\ iewcd (or did not recall)\r\nthe earlier Pearl Harbor epic, 'iora! Tora!\r\n'I'oral, in which real and reproduction\r\nlapancsc na\\ al aircraft {\\\\ at £ir .slower (but\r\nmuch clo.scr to their actual combat) speeds.\r\nDr. l\\lcC'artnc\\- tells readers that "it's\r\nhardh credible that FDR would have\r\nwelcomed the Pearl Harbor attack." In\r\npoint of fact, although he knew it was\r\ncoming, he did nothing to stop it —\r\nw hich amounted to allowing it and acce]\r\n3ting the diousands of needless casualties\r\nthat resulted from it. No one w ho has\r\nread Robert...

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