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Polemics & Exchanges
room for guilt. Every evil behavior is\r\n"sickness." Stealing, gambling, gluttony,\r\nobscenity, or killing are all symptoms of\r\nmental illnesses, according to the APA\r\nand the AMA. The insanity defense is a\r\nsafet) valve that permits people to close\r\ntheir eyes to the darkest pits of the human\r\nsoul.\r\nThe truth is that depression, phobias,\r\nand anxieties do not cause people to\r\nchange or lose their moral sense. To attribute\r\nbad (or horrible) behavior to them\r\nis not merely false; it provides an easy way\r\nout for some and stigmahzes the majority\r\nof those afflicted by those emotional\r\nstates.\r\n— 'Nelson Borelli, M.D.\r\nChicago, IL\r\nMrs. Barlow Replies:\r\nI did not characterize the Houston father's\r\nresponse in the presence of reporters\r\nas "matter-of-fact" or "emotionless."\r\nNor did I "interpret" his demeanor\r\nas a "by-product" of intense media coverage.\r\nFurther, I paid no attention to the\r\ncontent of his revelahons about his wife's\r\nemoHonal history. Neither what the father\r\nsaid nor how he .said it was of interest\r\nto me. What did interest me—what unnened\r\nand disturbed me—was the mere\r\nfact of the father's voluntary participation,\r\nat that personally catastrophic moment,\r\nin a front-yard press conference,\r\nand the further fact that neither he nor\r\nthe asseml^led reporters appeared to consider\r\nliis participation in any way queshonable.\r\nMy only point, aside from Dr.\r\nBorclli's correct notation of my...

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