Polemics & Exchanges

Polemics & Exchanges
EDITOR\r\nThomas Fleming\r\nKXF.CU'IIVK F.DITOR\r\nScott P. Richert\r\nSENIOR EDITOR, BOOKS\r\nChilton Williamson, ]r.\r\nASSISTAN'I- EDITOR\r\nAaron D. Wolf\r\nART DIRECTOR\r\nH. Ward Sterett\r\nDESIGNER\r\nMelanie Anderson\r\nCONTRIBUTING EDITORS\r\nKatherine Dalton, Samuel Francis,\r\nGeorge Garrett, Paul Gottfried,\r\nPhilib Jenkins, ].0. Tate, Michael\r\nWashburn, Clyde Wilson\r\nCORRESPONDING EDITORS\r\n]anet Scott Barlow, Bill Kauffman,\r\nDonald Livingston, Roger D.\r\nMcGrath, William Mills, William\r\nMurchison, Andrei Navrozov,\r\nJacob Neusner\r\nKII.M EDITOR\r\nGeorge McCartney\r\nFOREIC,N-AFFAIRS EDI TOR\r\nSrdja Trifhovic\r\nLEGAI .AFFAIRS EDITOR\r\nStephen B. Presser\r\nRELIGION EDITOR\r\nHarold O.]. Brown\r\nCIRCUIATION MANAGER\r\nCindy Link\r\nPUBLISHER\r\nThe Rockford Institute\r\nA publication ofllie Rockford Instihite.\r\nEditorial and Advertising Offices:\r\n928 North Mam Street, Rockford, IL 61103.\r\nWeKsitc:\r\nEdrtorial Phorre: (815)964-5054.\r\nAdvcrtisirrg Phorre: (815) 964-5811\r\nSrrbscription Departrrierrt: P.O. Box 800,\r\nMorrrrtMorrrs, 11.61054 Call 1-800-877-5459.\r\nCopyright © 2001 by The Rockford lri,sHtrrte.\r\nAll rights reserved.\r\nChronicles: A Magazine of American Culhtre\r\n(ISSN 0887-5731) is prrblished rrronthly for $39.00\r\n(foreigrr srrbscripHorrs add $12 for srrrface delivery,\r\n$48 for Air Mail) per vear by 1 Ire Rockford lirstitrrte,\r\n928 North Mairr Street, Rockford, IL 61103-7061.\r\nPreferred...

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