Ploys of Summer

When Summer of Blood 2015 came to a close, 3,702 people had been killed in the United States by people wielding guns.  That’s according to a website called Mass Shooting Tracker, a left-wing “crowdsourced” collective dedicated to reporting every single incident of “gun violence” and to using phrases like “gun violence” and “killed by guns.”  This was paired with the grim statistic that 8,153 humans were wounded “by guns” in that same period spanning from Memorial Day Weekend to August 28.

Another antigun website, The Trace, takes this data and turns it into essays aimed at silencing the voice of “the gun lobby” and restricting the freedoms of tens of thousands of people (like me) who own lots of guns yet never struggle with thoughts of drawing one of them during a political debate or proving their virility by challenging a rogue editor to a duel.

The Trace’s “Just Another Bloody Summer” (September 4) briefly admits that, statistically, the uptick in “gun violence” from the summer of 2014 to 2015 isn’t significant, though the article fails to include the percentage figures.  That’s .88 percent for those wounded by (people wielding) guns and .99 percent for deaths caused by (people wielding) guns.

For students learning Common Core math, I will obviate...

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