American Proscenium

Plant and Ye Shall Find

The Bush administration says that Iran has “proliferated weapons of mass destruction.”  This time, Condi will make sure they can find some.

On March 28, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Henry Paulson, and Alberto Gonzales determined that Iran’s military-industrial complex, the Defense Industries Organization (DIO), has contributed to the spread of “weapons of mass destruction.”

To make sure that the WMDs don’t evaporate this time, the United States has granted permission for Iran’s primary missile supplier—the Chinese government—to receive restricted missile equipment and technology, as well as items on the United States Munitions List.  In the past, Washington put sanctions on Chinese companies for selling missiles to Iran; today, it is vital to U.S. national security that Iran be well armed.

The latest superweapon of the Axis of Evil, the DIO, oversees Iran’s military-production activities.  Iran produces a wide range of weapons and chemicals, including missiles.  Missiles are what “concern” Condi and her friends, because they are the easiest way for Iran to hit American/Israeli targets with chemical or nuclear weapons.  Iran, like Israel and the United States, does possess chemical weapons (which are, officially, weapons of mass destruction).  Unlike Israel and the United States, Iran does not have a nuclear...

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