• The Consolations of Philosophy
    March 1990

    The Consolations of Philosophy

    Philosophy in the 20th century has shared the fate of other high arts whose audiences are increasingly limit ed to an inner circle of adepts. This is partly the fault of a culture that aims at mass production and mass communication, but a good...
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  • A Meditation on a Meditation
    March 1990

    A Meditation on a Meditation

    Why has the South had such a flowering of letters in the interval between World War I and the Korean War? Flannery O'Connor responded to that question by quoting the answer Walker Percy gave when he received the National Book Award for The...
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  • The Christian Question
    March 1990

    The Christian Question

    David Novak, Professor of Modern Jewish Thought at the University of Virginia, sets out to argue the case for what is called Jewish-Christian "dialogue."
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  • The Spiritual Meaning of Philosophy
    September 1989

    The Spiritual Meaning of Philosophy

    In 525 A.D. the Lady Philosophy reminded Boethius, in his death-cell, that true philosophers must think body, rank, and estate of less importance than their understanding of what was truly their own.
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  • Defining Life
    April 1989

    Defining Life

    The morality of abortion is entirely a matter of definition: is the fetus a person or not? The definition—whether derived from millennia of religious tradition or from individual analysis and subjective choice—both generates and justifies the...
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  • Reinterpreting Philosophy
    April 1988

    Reinterpreting Philosophy

    To paraphrase a well-known saying, We are all revisionists now! Yet somehow even our revisionists are timid—they wait for favorable winds before they "revise" history, economics, philosophy, and science, then write books about "how it really...
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