• Cicero's Legacy
    February 2010

    Cicero's Legacy

    Once a believer in the blessings of modernity and classical liberalism, Dutch philosopher Andreas Kinneging now considers himself a “convert” to traditional thinking.
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  • David Hume: Historian
    September 2008

    David Hume: Historian

    Intellectual historians commonly group Voltaire, Edward Gibbon, William Robertson, and David Hume as the four greatest 18th-century historians. If limited to only one of these authors, we would do well to begin with Hume.
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  • Art in the Loo
    July 2008

    Art in the Loo

    Christie’s, the auction house, took a full-page ad in the New York Times to publicize the record sale of a painting by a living artist, Lucian Freud, to the tune of $33.6 million. Thirty-three million greenbacks for a portrait of a...
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  • Don’t Blame Bryan
    October 2006

    Don’t Blame Bryan

    In his recent biography of William Jennings Bryan, A Godly Hero, Michael Kazin joins a long line of historians in making the claim that Bryan (1860-1925) was an ideological precursor of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
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  • The Loving Look
    December 2005

    The Loving Look

    One warm, late-summer afternoon in Eastern North Carolina, a few hundred primary-school children poured out of their classrooms and waited for their buses to take them far and wide around the county.
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  • Conservatism as Medicine
    December 2005

    Conservatism as Medicine

    What are the basic tenets of modernity? What is the mind and temper of modern man? I would feel rather foolish to try to reply in a few paragraphs if I did not think that the spirit of modernity boils down eventually to only one idea that...
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