• Don’t Blame Bryan
    October 2006

    Don’t Blame Bryan

    In his recent biography of William Jennings Bryan, A Godly Hero, Michael Kazin joins a long line of historians in making the claim that Bryan (1860-1925) was an ideological precursor of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
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  • The Loving Look
    December 2005

    The Loving Look

    One warm, late-summer afternoon in Eastern North Carolina, a few hundred primary-school children poured out of their classrooms and waited for their buses to take them far and wide around the county.
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  • Conservatism as Medicine
    December 2005

    Conservatism as Medicine

    What are the basic tenets of modernity? What is the mind and temper of modern man? I would feel rather foolish to try to reply in a few paragraphs if I did not think that the spirit of modernity boils down eventually to only one idea that...
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  • The Beauty of Holiness, the Holiness of Beauty
    December 2005

    The Beauty of Holiness, the Holiness of Beauty

    The psalmists never tired of praising the beauty and majesty of the Lord's house. Solomon was so eager to build a fitting temple that he traded a good part of Galilee to Hiram of Tyre in exchange for building materials, and the description of the...
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  • A Suppressed Embarrassment
    October 2005

    A Suppressed Embarrassment

    A book that has failed to go anywhere internationally, contrary to the author’s expectation, is a recent study by a Chilean Jewish academic who teaches philosophy at the University of Berlin, Victor Farías.
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  • At Home in the Cosmos
    December 2004

    At Home in the Cosmos

    Nelson Head, a boy in a story by Flannery O’Connor, is reared in the rural South, with little sign of education and in obvious isolation. Yet the boy is arrogant to the point of impudence, because he was born in the city.
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