• Plato and the Spirit of Modernity
    May 2013

    Plato and the Spirit of Modernity

    In C.S. Lewis’s The Last Battle the world of Narnia begins to dissolve and disappear. The Pevensie children are confused and frightened, but Professor Kirke, now Lord Digory, reassures them that the Narnia and the England they had known...
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  • Up From Objectivism
    August 2012

    Up From Objectivism

    It was sort of like being caught in a raging stream, and swimming hard against the current, inch by inch, to reach safety. The time was many years ago, when, as a college freshman, I fell into the currents of liberalism. And they were powerful.
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  • In Defense of Private Property
    January 2011

    In Defense of Private Property

    For centuries, the propensity to personal ownership has been considered one of the most elementary and natural features of human nature. Criticism of private property is nothing recent, either, but has turned out to be extremely commonplace in...
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  • Proudhon, Beauty and Lego
    January 2011

    Proudhon, Beauty and Lego

    Property may be theft, but it is less theft than a great many other things—clouds, birdsong, or a woman’s beauty, to say nothing of taxation without representation, armed robbery, or extortion with menaces
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  • Caring in Colorado (and Everywhere)
    September 2010

    Caring in Colorado (and Everywhere)

    Not long ago I attended a dinner hosted by a Catholic laymen’s organization in the social hall of a church on Colorado’s Front Range. The meal was followed by after-dinner speeches and concluding remarks by an official representing the...
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  • Authentic Communities
    August 2010

    Authentic Communities

    Deep in the heart of man there is a need imprinted by nature that may very well be his basic difference from all other animals: Being a thinking one—i.e., an animal capable of self-awareness—man needs to be something meaningful in his own...
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