Pat Buchanan, Conservative Revolutionary

“An Liberalismus gehen die Völker zugrunde.”

—Moeller von den Bruck

Pat Buchanan’s exciting new book demonstrates clearly and convincingly that the population base of Western civilization is disappearing as Europeans and Americans are no longer reproducing themselves even at replacement rate and thus are being supplanted, both in their traditional homelands and in the New World that they conquered and civilized, by other races, cultures, and religions.

At present birthrates, Europe’s population in 2100 will be less than a third of what it is today, Buchanan reports.  European birthrates are far below replacement levels.  If these remain at current levels, by 2050 there will be 16 million fewer Italians (a decline from 57 million to 41) than there are today, 23 million fewer Germans (from 82 million to 59), and 33 million fewer Russians (from 147 million to 114), while a third of those alive will be over 60.  By contrast, the opposite trend holds for the Islamic world.  In the next generation, Iraq is expected to grow from 23 to 41 million and Iran, from 67.7 to 94.5 million.  Muslim Albania is the only country in Europe whose population is growing.  Buchanan predicts that the great Christian victories at Tours and Lepanto, which kept Islam out of Europe and permitted the development...

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