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Contrary to popular belief, political parties are not democratic institutions.  They are extraconstitutional instruments of elite control, machines for corralling and pacifying the voters with platitudes.  The appearance of advertising, public relations, and polling has strengthened this aspect of their character.  This has particularly been the nature of the Republican Party, as should be evident to all with the fright and denial that Donald Trump’s insurgent candidacy has created among the elite.  Trump has raised real issues, upsetting the carefully designed principle-less consensus that had previously served to keep the elite in power.

If you doubt this, listen to the long-winded and evasive disquisitions spouted by Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio whenever either is asked specific questions about the immigration crisis.

Democratic mythology has candidates for high office burning the midnight oil, thinking and praying over what is best for America and her people.  We know, although we do not fully admit to ourselves, that they are burning that oil plotting how they may best manipulate their way into the power, profits, and perks of office.  Do they ever give a moment’s thought or care about the people and their welfare?  To representing the public’s thinking except in a mere tactical sense?  (And don’t tell me about Lincoln, the most totally political man who was...

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