Paranoia as Prudence

Paranoia as Prudence

'Believing where we cannot prove.''



Edith Efron: The Apocalyptics: Cancer and the Big Lie: How Environmental Politics Controls What We Know About Cancer; Simon & Schuster; New York.


"Edith Efron would like to shake the cancer-fighting agencies to their foundations with this book, and perhaps she will."

                The New Republic.


"The shame of it all is that Miss Efron is highly skilled in the difficult task of translating science for the layman. She is a good explainer of the intricacies of cancer testing and interpretation. But when she proceeds on to political analysis and conspiracy theorizing, she gets swamped by her materials and preconceptions."

               The New York Times Book Review


For nearly two decades, secular prophets have intoned warnings of the terrible impending retribution for our technological sins (beginning with the original sin of the Industrial Revolution). According to the aggregate disaster scenario of Paul Ehrlich, Barry Commoner, the Club of Rome, and others, by now or very soon we should all be dying of cancer and/or starvation,...

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