Cultural Revolutions

Our Terror Sanctuary

The “Fort Dix Six” may not be the smartest group of would-be jihadists we have seen, but their story should tell us something about how lax immigration and border-security policies put this country at risk.

The six Muslims were arrested in New Jersey in May, for plotting to attack Fort Dix, which is known as a staging area for troop deployments to Iraq, and other military bases in the area.  One of six worked as a pizza-delivery driver and had scouted out the base.  The group had acquired maps of the fort and had been practicing for the attack, including firing paintball guns and Kalashnikov rifles at a Pennsylvania shooting range.  They fell under suspicion when one of them dropped off a videotape for transfer to DVD at a local retail store.  A store employee watched the tape and called the FBI.  According to the FBI report, the tape showed “ten young men” (where are the other four?) firing “assault weapons” at a firing range, calling for jihad, and shouting “Allah Akbar!”  The FBI infiltrated the group, employing a paid informant to record the details of their plans, and used another informant to catch them attempting to acquire more weapons illegally.

So far, the FBI has not linked these men to any larger terrorist organization, but recent experiences with “Sudden Jihad Syndrome,” in which Muslim immigrants...

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