Under the Black Flag

Our Special Middle Eastern Friend

As everyone knows, when you cross a camel with a mule, you get a member of the Saudi ruling family.  A camel crossed with a snake produces a Qatari ruler, and, finally, a camel that’s made whoopee with a pig conceives a Kuwaiti sultan.  Mind you, I’m being a bit rough on these animals, which are, after all, also God’s creatures.  And I do mean the camels, mules, snakes, and pigs.

Take, for example, just a little case of rape of two Nepalese maids by a Saudi “diplomat” in India, a story that emerged only last week.  The Saudi repeatedly raped, assaulted, starved, and held hostage the two women who worked as his housemaids on the outskirts of Delhi.  This went on for months, until the two women managed to escape and report the rapes and beatings to the Indian authorities.  The pig, and again I apologize to our porcine friends, did not even bother to deny the charges, but simply claimed diplomatic immunity.  The rapist was eventually withdrawn by the Saudis, and will most likely be posted to a friendlier country, where women are not considered human beings—perhaps Qatar, Kuwait, or some other Gulf state.

And as no one can forget, 16 of the September 11 hijackers were Saudis, and the first act by the Bush-Cheney gang was to ensure all Saudi “royals” were flown safely back to their desert craphole and far away from any congressional committee...

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