Our Sanctuary Census

Paroxysms of liberal outrage gripped denizens of the Swamp when the Commerce Department announced that it plans to find out the citizenship status of U.S. residents by asking them directly via the 2020 Census and the U.S. Mail.  And as with every Census form, “Your response is required by law.”  The addition of the question came at the behest of the Justice Department, which said that it wants to use the resulting data to improve its enforcement of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, whose purpose is to prevent states from keeping minorities from voting.

Naturally, the left is crying racism, because anything that the Trump administration does will be branded as such.  But then again, this applies to all GOP initiatives, a situation that is masked by the left’s attempt to play timid Republicans off their President in order to stymie his agenda.  Trump is the Klansman of the moment, but absent his presence in the Oval Office, that honor would easily go to Mike Pence, or Paul Ryan, or any other individual who gets in the way of the intersectional utopia that is the promise of every Democratic victory.  Not long ago, MoveOn.org hosted videos comparing George W. Bush to Hitler.

Racism somehow pertains here because the Citizenship Question is predicted to result in an “undercounting” of a great number of Latino residents.  In other words, we all are to assume...

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