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Our Progressive Sexual Apartheid

I recently attended a rock concert where the headline act—an artful blend of political correctness and antic comedy dressed in a leopard-skin overcoat under a silver wig—lectured us at some length on the need to respect women.  His remarks were repeated at intervals throughout the performance, and at one point were illustrated by images of Great Dames, as they were called, on a giant video screen.  I remember seeing the likes of Hillary Clinton and Miley Cyrus displayed there, along with several others I failed to recognize immediately, though I do recall that there was no mention of my own preferred candidate, Margaret Thatcher.  As I say, these pieties were regularly aired, either in visual or spoken form, during the course of a long evening.  It appeared that the distaff side of the audience was about to be awakened sexually and socially, whether it liked it or not.

Oddly enough, there seemed to be little evidence of this liberated state of affairs when it came to the role of the actual women appearing on the stage.  I will spare you some of the details, but suffice it to say there was a generous amount of “twerking”—essentially the act of bending over and energetically gyrating one’s backside while leering suggestively at anyone who happens to be present.  There was a great deal more in this general vein from among the lady dancers as they set about illustrating...

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