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Our Immigration Problems

Our immigration problems briefly received national attention last year when boatloads of illegal Chinese migrants landed on American shores. Yet, because many of these illegals made bogus claims of political asylum, some political leaders spoke as if asylum abuse were the only real problem. Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas) set the record straight when he observed that reform of such abuse was only a "2 percent solution," as it dealt with only 2 percent of the problem of illegal immigration. And, he might have added, it said nothing about the even greater problem of excessive legal immigration. This flow of quota immigrants, refugees, and asylees is at an all-time high. Most arrive from impoverished Third World countries, as do at least 300,000 more illegal aliens across our virtually uncontrolled borders. Thanks to these numbers and to higher birthrates for immigrants than for native-born citizens, America is racing to a Third World future.

Fortunately, at least some congressmen seem to perceive this bigger picture and have offered legislation to deal with the substance of the nation's growing immigration crisis. The following is a summary of the leading proposals.

The most comprehensive is Senate Bill 1351 by Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada). Among other steps, Reid's bill would set a fixed annual limit of 300,000 on immigration and limit refugee admissions to 50,000 within the 300,000 total. The 300,000...

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