Vital Signs

Our Elitists Forge a Useful Faith

The cynical elites of Ancient Rome, said Edward Gibbon, found the religions of the empire equally false and equally useful.  The leftist/corporate elites of our time also agree that religion is false, so much so that they can barely contain their contempt for it.  As Barack Obama opined, it’s just something that Middle American losers cling to—along with their guns—to give meaning to their pathetic lives.

The elite class, with Obama as its front man, is a curious synthesis.  In times past, Marxists and monopoly capitalists were supposed to be enemies.  During the past couple of decades, however, they have become fast friends, and even exchanged values.  The leftists now concede that greed can be good, especially when it’s their greed, and the capitalists have become fans of feminism, multiculturalism, and just about every other trendy nihilism of the left.  Both sides, the sons of Marx and the sons of Mammon, are close as can be when it comes to globalism and mass immigration.

But standing against them, as David against mighty Goliath, are those pesky peasants clinging to their religion and their guns.  Our lordly philistines aren’t too worried about Bubba Davids, but they would prefer to have no opposition at all.  Accordingly, it seems, they are now exploring ways to neutralize Bubba’s religion—and even make it useful for their purposes.  After that, they...

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