Under the Black Flag

Our Dearest Frienemy

It is the rise of people-power all over the Muslim world, and I’ve got news for you.  The people—or the street, as it’s called in places like Cairo, Manama, Sana, and Amman—are united by two things only: A loathing for the autocratic crooks who have been keeping them poor and lording it over them since time immemorial, and Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands.  If neocon warmongerers like Robert Kagan believe that Uncle Sam can now buy the Arab street as he has bought the dictators in the past, he’s got another think coming.  When the Arabs finally get the vote, look for Gaza-like results, and for good reason.  As the flamboyant Thomas Friedman of the unspeakable Big Bagel Times wrote, “Israel was frantically calling the White House and telling the president he must not abandon the Pharaoh.”  Friedman also wrote that Israel today has the most out-of-touch, unimaginative, and inbred cabinet ever.  (Gangster cabinet would be a more apt description.)

Israel and the United States are the two most despised nations throughout the world, no ifs or buts about it.  Arab tyrants are our only allies in the Middle East, thieving towelheads such as the Saudis and the Gulf “sheiks.”  The current Palestinian leadership, under President Mahmoud Abbas and the very capable and honest Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, has worked tirelessly to set up...

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