Our Country, ’Tis of We . . .

What’s So Great About America

by Dinesh D’Souza

Washington: Regnery; 227 pp., $27.95

Dinesh D’Souza is a classic example of the immigrant imperialist.  Others are Fouad Ajami (professor of Middle Eastern studies at Johns Hopkins University), Fareed Zakaria (managing editor of Foreign Affairs and a contributing editor to Newsweek), and Ramesh Ponnuru (a senior editor at National Review).  These writers, all hailing from the Orient, identify not with historic or regional America but with the American world empire and its increasingly multiethnic/multicultural domestic base.  They exult in the United States wielding unchallenged military, economic, and political hegemony in the world.  They relish using the first-person pronoun when recommending policy for the U.S. government, because it signifies that, while their fathers may have served tea to British officers in Baghdad or Bombay, they are part of the editorial cadre of imperial America.  It clearly thrills them to be able to say that “we” should invade Iraq or that the Europeans are jealous of “us” because “we” rule the world now, not “they.”  

D’Souza has tailored his book to appeal to Americans who may be wondering why Islamic terrorists flew two planes into the World Trade Center. ...

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