Round Table Discussion

Our Constitution and Theirs

We here at Chronicles are Constitutional Fundamentalists. We swear allegiance to the Constitution of Hamilton, Madison, and Jay, and not the Constitution of Warren, Brennan, and Souter. We do not believe that the Constitution is a "living document" that must be altered by successive Supreme Court justices to keep pace with the times. The Constitution is an expression of timeless truths about men and their government, and if it was not ordained by divine providence, it was certainly the product of some of the country's greatest political minds. Constitutional change is sometimes necessary, of course, but it should be accomplished through the amendment process specified in Article V, not through the whims of transient majorities of nine Law Lords.

The Framers of the Constitution, understanding that men are fallible, corruptible creatures, set up a structure to balance powers in government against each other, the better to counter tendencies toward self-interest and demagoguery. Thus it is crucial that the president, the Congress, and the courts be limited in their roles. It is the role of the president to conduct foreign policy and to execute the laws passed by Congress, and it is the role of the courts to interpret the Constitution in a manner that objectively reflects the intention of the Framers and the ratifying conventions of the states. It is emphatically not the role of the president to make law by executive...

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