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The Oscar buzz this year is, in large part, about the prospects of Brokeback Mountain, the “gay Western” that has already won four Golden Globe awards and been nominated for eight Academy Awards.  A month ago, Brokeback Mountain had all the momentum, but that is now slowing as some have acknowledged that the film is, after all, rather tedious and doesn’t live up to its hype.  There has also been some blowback of irreverent remarks about “Brokebutt Mountain” and “Homo on the Range” and all that sort of thing.  People can be just vicious and cruel and even downright unaccepting in our diverse community.

But how could there be any resentment or bitching when the omnipresence of self-announced homosexuals has been so broadly sanctioned by the academic community, the religious community, the corporate world, and the media, which have provided so many articles and celebrations of diversity and op-ed pieces and new shows and channels on the telly and now a “gay Western”?  And how could there possibly be any negative feelings about a Western, because, after all, nothing is more American than a Western, even though, come to think of it, Westerns are dead because they are not sensitive to the concerns of the Native American community or of the feminist community or of the gun-control bureaucrat community.

Then we come to the question of whether...

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