Orbán: Building the Wall

“What’s past is prologue.”
—Shakespeare, The Tempest

Situated between Austria and Rumania, Hungary has a rich history worthy of many books.  And though this country of less than ten million people is the size of the state of Maine, her role on the world stage is only increasing.  She has declared war on billionaire deconstructionist George Soros.  She has curbed her migrant crisis when many other European countries have not.  She has become an ally of the Trump administration.  And she has unashamedly declared her people’s identification with Christianity and Christian morality.  Much of this starts with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

It could be said that the history of modern Hungary began with a single speech on July 16, 1989, marking the entry of Viktor Orbán into the Hungarian consciousness.  At the tender age of 25, Orbán addressed a crowd of thousands of patriotic mourners at the public funeral of Imre Nagy, a leader of the failed 1956 Hungarian Uprising that resulted in Nagy’s and many others’ executions by the communist government.  Nagy’s body, so many years later, had been discovered in an unmarked grave earlier in 1989, and at the memorial, the crowd gathered under the banner “Never Forgotten.”

Orbán, a founding member of...

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