Operation Futility

Operation Futility
Operation Futility\r\nby Jonathan Ellis\r\nKilling Pablo: The Hunt for the\r\nWorld's Greatest Outlaw\r\nby Mark Bowden\r\nNew York: The Atlantic Monthlr Press;\r\n2%pp.,$2S.OO\r\nMark Bowdcii was interviewing a\r\nretired U.S. military offieer for his\r\nbook Black Hawk Down when a framed\r\nphotograpli eauglit his e\\e. In it, a gronp\r\nof jnbilant sokliers posed around the\r\ncorpse of a hloodv, fat man. Curious,\r\nBowden asked about the picture. "That,\r\nnn friend, is Pablo Escobar," the officer\r\nsaid to Bowden. "I keep that on m\\ wall\r\nto remind me that no matter how rich\r\n\\(ni get in this life, von can sHll be too big\r\nfor \\our britches."\r\nBowden realized he had just stumbled\r\nonto something big. Here was a picture\r\nof die just-slain Pablo Escobar in die possession\r\nof a retired U.S. military officer.\r\n()b\\iousl\\, die United States had been a\r\nlot more aeti\\c in himting down the\r\nColombian drug lord dian most people\r\nknew. Bowden .spent die next few \\cars\r\nuiicartliiiig the stor\\. His liook, Killing\r\nPablo, is an exciting and informative\r\npiece of in\\estigaH\\e journalism diat raises\r\ntroid)hng questions about America's\r\nuse of co\\ ert forces throughout die w orld.\r\nCjolombia's cocaine-trafficking pioneers\r\nwere not like Pablo Escobar; rather,\r\naccording to Bowden, the\\ were "plavbo\\\r\ns, relatixeK well educated Colombians\r\nwho considered themselves fashionable\r\nand smart." But as the popularih\r\nof cocaine soared...

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