Between the Lines

Operation Cotton Mather

The country is currently suffering through a series of moral panics—or, more precisely, the coastal elites are, while the rest of us go about the business of ordinary living.

There was the tearing down of the statues, an “antiracist” campaign to eradicate all traces of any historical figure who could be linked, even tenuously, to the institution of slavery: first Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, then Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, and George Washington.  Mobs of leftists, largely unopposed, rampaged through the streets, meting out “justice” to the shades of our ancestors, cheering as once-revered figures were pulled to the ground.  Police were ordered to stand down, in the beginning, surely nervous at having to look on at such disorder.  By the time our cultural revolutionaries got to New York City’s Columbus Square, however, where a statue of the great explorer—and pride of the city’s Italian population—has stood for decades, the cops were on 24-hour duty guarding it from the barbarian hordes.

In October, these neo-Maoist Red Guards of the Blue State Cultural Revolution turned on one of their own: Harvey Weinstein, the powerful Hollywood producer closely associated with the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party.  A comprehensive sexual history including at least five alleged rapes and countless outrages against common decency was exposed in the...

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