Between the Lines

One of Them

I’ve avoided writing about racial politics for the same reason I’ve avoided stepping on land mines, but the news is filled with nothing but racial conflict these days: Trayvon Martin, the firing of John Derbyshire from National Review, the purging of Pat Buchanan from MSNBC, the daily accusations from the liberal media that conservative opponents of the President are racists, etc., ad nauseam.

I’ve always found “white nationalism” to be an unsavory phenomenon, a reductionist and grossly materialist (in the Marxist sense) ideology with a deservedly bad reputation.  My own run-in with these nationalists-without-a-nation occurred in the very pages of Taki’s Magazine, where Derbyshire’s offending (and offensive) piece was published, and led in short order to his purgation from NR.  In brief, I took the “white nationalists” to task for limning the methods and mind-set of the multiculturalists, characterizing Jared Taylor, their intellectual guru, as a white version of race-hustler Al Sharpton.  Taylor, in his reply, didn’t respond to my argument, but instead went off on a rambling tangent in defense of his antipathy to “miscegenation.”

My own views on race, although rationalized by my libertarianism and my reflexive rejection of any form of collectivism, are rooted in my own experience. ...

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