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One More Such Victory . . .

June 30, 2002, arrived with little fanfare, an odd ending to 13 years of judicial tyranny here in Rockford.  Perhaps that’s because the Rockford school-desegregation lawsuit officially ended on a Sunday; more likely, it’s because most Rockfordians didn’t realize the significance of that day (just as they never quite understood what has happened over the past 13 years), while those who did understand were too busy breathing a sigh of relief to shout for joy.  The local Gannett paper (LGP) ran a fairly subdued story, with none of the hysterics that have often colored their coverage of the case (they saved those for Executive Editor Linda Grist Cunningham’s column the next week); but the Rock River Times, a local weekly that often provided the only honest coverage of the lawsuit (outside of the pages of Chronicles, of course), did not mention the event in its July 3-9 issue, even though its editor and publisher, Frank Schier, must have found the Independence Day theme hard to resist.  It’s over, the silence fairly screamed.  Let’s get on with our lives.

But after 13 years and nearly a third of a billion dollars, is it actually over?  Set aside (for the moment) the question of whether District 205 is likely to be sued again.  (I would lay better than even odds that another lawsuit will be filed within the year.)  What about what...

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