One Law for the Left...

For many weeks the press in Britain have been obsessed with the Jimmy Savile sex scandal, and it has many months to run.  Savile, who died in 2011, aged 84, was a superstar entertainer for the BBC, and his programs attracted millions of viewers.  The BBC needed Savile and his huge audiences to justify the high compulsory license fee paid in Britain by anyone who owns a television set, most of whose owners do not care for the tedious leftist exhortations that are its most characteristic product.  But during his long career with the BBC Savile was also a prolific sexual predator who raped or assaulted hundreds of women and underage girls, some as young as ten years old.

After Savile died, the BBC rushed to broadcast no fewer than three laudatory programs as a tribute to him, a celebration of his life and career.  But some of its keen young journalists had by now investigated Savile’s seamy past and were preparing to put their findings out on Newsnight, a hard-hitting BBC news program, in a broadcast that would have included interviews with women whom Savile had assaulted.  Needless to say their item was canceled, and the BBC was made to look exceedingly foolish and insensitive when a rival independent television company broadcast Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile.

Critics declared that the notoriously biased BBC, which nonetheless boasts...

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