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One Crisis Averted

Barack Obama’s re-election, while socially, culturally, and morally disastrous for the country, may prove the lesser of two evils when it comes to foreign policy, according to some pundits.  Perhaps, but only because Obama’s primary focus is on irreversibly changing the character and ethnic composition of the United States.

Republicans, in the meantime, learn nothing and forget nothing.  Following unconfirmed reports that President Obama had accepted Vladimir Putin’s invitation to visit Moscow early in 2013, Leon Aron—director of Russian Studies at the American Enterprise Institute and a Romney advisor—launched a lengthy diatribe in the pages of Foreign Policy arguing that the President should stay at home.

Aron’s points presented not only specifically Republican objections to the faltering “Reset” but also the laundry list of contrived objections to a cooperative relationship with Russia, the development of which should be among our top foreign-policy priorities.  Similar objections are likely to be raised time and again at both ends of the political spectrum.

“In the past 12 months,” Aron says, “Putin’s foreign and domestic policies have been nothing but a brazen, in-your-face challenge to U.S. interests and values.”  The claim that Russia’s president has no other business but to devise policies...

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