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On Winning the War

In the March issue, Ted Galen Carpenter makes a strong case for why we should “Reject False Prophets” who have led us into war in Iraq (View).  He lays it all out starkly and succinctly: “Iraq has never come close to being a war for America’s survival.  Even the connection of the Iraq mission to the larger war against Islamic terrorism was always tenuous, at best.”  Again, “Saddam Hussein was a secular tyrant, not an Islamic radical.”  And “Iraq was an elective war—a war of choice . . . It is well past time to demand that the hawks be specific about their strategy.”  I agree.

When the true believers insist that “we can win” this war, the immediate response that springs to my mind is, “Define win.”  What is the objective, and how do we know when we’ve met it?  Why should we want to referee a fight between Sunni and Shiite?

Adopting a child is a big responsibility.  Once you do it, your life is not your own in the same way that it was previously.  Why should we want to adopt Iraq?  We as a nation have a life of our own to live, and that does not leave room for wet-nursing this unwanted offspring.

And we have a war against militant Muslims to fight—a real war, which we should...

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