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On Welfare Queens

Doug Bandow does a very good job in his article “The Republican Party’s Welfare Queens” (Views, August) of detailing all the various queens and their courts in the Republican Party, all of which are parasites on the taxpayer.  What he does not do, however, is to detail the cultural circumstances that have turned the GOP from a party of fiscal responsibility to one of drunken sailors.  Because of this transformation, deficit spending will continue in the federal government even if Republican legislators grow balls of steel.

The GOP’s power in Congress rests upon several states and congressional districts, both in the South and elsewhere, that were once represented by conservative Democrats.  These fellows were conservative, however, only in regard to social or moral issues.  When it came to federal spending, they were the most liberal Democrats one could find in Congress.  Because these “conservative” Democrats no longer fit into the culturally Marxist post-1968 Democratic Party, they became Republicans.

But once a Democrat, always a Democrat.  These newly converted Republicans never ceased in helping out their own districts or their favored constituency groups.  Republican politicians such as Saxby Chambliss, Trent Lott, Thad Cochrane, Zach Wamp, and others are simply...

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