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On Today’s Heroes

In “A Place to Stand” (Views, July), Wayne Allensworth asks, “How will our sons become men in the bureaucratized, risk-averse, feminist post-America our elites envision for us?”  Certainly, this is a grave concern for anyone thinking clearly about our nation’s future.  One can add a concern about how our daughters will become women, and how our children will become sound leaders.

Houston, Crockett, Bowie, and Travis became men and heroes at the Alamo, and we know about them because they were written about as such.  Tom Brokaw wrote about unsung heroes of the “greatest generation.”  My father, Neil G. McLane, was a part of that generation, a young 1st lieutenant who led his men onto the beaches of Normandy, through battles such as Hurtgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge.  He held many of the young men he led in his arms as they died, and he himself was injured three times and sent back to the front.  I know unsung American heroes of the Korean War, and especially of the Vietnam War.  They were not recognized for their valor, even though they were as patriotic and heroic as those at the Alamo.  Their wars were not “good” wars.

Now we have American heroes being made every day in Iraq and Afghanistan, both men and women.  We are not hearing...

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