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On the Spirit of Sam Francis

For the first time, for nearly an hour, the sting of the death of Dr. Samuel Francis subsided. The ointment was in your October number—the "Letter From Charleston: The Flamingo Kid" (Correspondence) by Mr. jack Trotter. That essay alone is worth more than the cost of the entire issue.

I realize that it should not take nearly an hour to read two-and-a-half pages. Even old clover kickers, such as myself, are capable of better. The plain truth is that, even on the third reading, I was laughing and wiping my eyes as frequently as I had during the initial reading.

More writing by Mr. Trotter, please. He adroitly covers the political career of the quick-witted and clever Rep. John Graham Altman III in a few fast-paced pages with a sampling of H.L. Mencken to expose the buffoonery of no end.

Among Mr. Trotter's gems—"a man who battered his wife was too busy hiding from the kinfolk to worry about the law." Hear! Hear! Besides, it kept the prison population in economic check, as there was no need—as in the case of my local and rural county—of over 1,500 protection orders and a new county jail costing over $30 million.

As I read, I wondered if Mr. Trotter would bring in Representative Altman's position on Junior King and the Battle Flag debacle. It was all there, plus...

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