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On the Framers

It is a good thing that our nation’s Founding Fathers did not believe as Thomas Fleming does about dissent (“Loyal Opposition,” Perspective, August), or we would never have achieved our independence.  Freedom of speech is the first guarantee listed in our Bill of Rights.  And though, like Dr. Fleming, I do not look to the ACLU as my champion (finding myself in disagreement with its anti-Christian positions), even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Concerning the current reinterpretation of the Constitution, Dr. Fleming writes that “a solution to this dilemma cannot profitably be sought in an examination of how free Americans once exercised their liberties in the Old Republic.  That Old Republic died before I was born, and there is little that any of us can do to change it.”  And again, “At this point, it is futile to expect the government in Washington or in the states to give up their campaign to eradicate the vestiges of the West from American soil, much less to nurture and protect the Christian faith.  We are, nonetheless, subject to the rulers of this earth and should not be found wanting in our duties as subjects.”

Apparently having given up, Dr. Fleming appears ready to accept what the Framers would not.  They did not see a duty to be a good colonial subject...

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