On the Altar of Empire


The GOP-controlled Congress has received a report from the Pentagon advocating the conscription of women—the daughters, young wives, and young mothers of America, ages 18 to 25—according to the Washington Times.

This is truly unprecedented.  At the tail end of the Obama administration, then Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who opened combat roles to women (with the enthusiastic blessing of John McCain), wanted women to be required to register with Selective Service, but that went nowhere.

Nor did it go away; after all, how could it?  Americans are committed to an ideology of equality, an egalitarianism that deems each humanoid an individual who by right should be able to choose “their” own path, including “their gender” and personal definition of manhood and womanhood.  This is, by definition, a culture of depravity.  Today, to say that a boy ought to learn how to fight with honor for those weaker, to protect, provide for, and show deference to women is as forbidden as it is to say that a girl ought to learn how to cook, and to dress (and speak) modestly.  These statements are considered hate speech.  On the other hand, to force or even to encourage women to act as men—an action that is every bit as abusive...

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