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On the AIDS Cover-up

In his discussion of Bill Clinton’s “mini-General Assembly” (Cultural Revolutions, November 2005), Dr. Srdja Trifkovic claims that Thabo Mbeki’s assertion—that such “traditional attitudes” of African men as violence against women and promiscuity do not play a significant role in spreading the disease—is highly controversial.  Actually, Mbeki’s assertion is justified.  Dr. Trifkovic should read “The Chemical Bases of the Various AIDS Epidemics,” by Peter Duesberg, Klaus Koehnlein, and David Rasnick, in the Journal of Biosciences (June 2003).  These researchers offer significant support for Mbeki’s statement, asking several questions: Why is AIDS not contagious?  (Venereal diseases in Africa are lumped in with the AIDS “package,” giving a false record of success of abstinence as a cure for AIDS.)  Why is there no HIV in most patients, only antibodies?  Why are the only HIV carriers who get AIDS those who use recreational drugs or anti-HIV drugs?  Why is the mortality of HIV-“tested” patients treated with anti-HIV drugs five times higher than that of untreated patients?

In 2000, Mbeki invited both mainstream and dissenting factions to present their cases for their beliefs about AIDS.  The dissenting scientists...

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