On Terrorism in the West Today

Every time a bomb explodes in the West it is a boon for journalists.  They photograph weeping people, tell us how implacable the government will be, and, without breaking stride, warn us that more is likely to come.  But so far I have never come across any serious reflection on the rationale for the bombings, nor any explanation of the true identity of the bombers.  They claim to be Muslims, but we are told Islam is a “religion of peace.”  These days ISIS is the great evil, embodying a crazy Islam that has come out of the blue to train terrorists.  And that’s that.

You are not satisfied?  Go figure.  Well, though ISIS may have a lot to do with current terrorism in the West, one may still wonder to what end it commits its trainees to killing Westerners.  If ISIS, or some affiliate, is at war with the West, what is it going to war for?

One answer that should immediately be discarded is to conquer Europe.  Not only because, whatever Europe’s relative weaknesses, ISIS does not have the military might to achieve such an objective, but for an even more convincing reason: Europe is well on its way to being conquered without any war, without any terrorism.  Europe is slouching toward an (almost) painless and (anyway) spontaneous surrender to Allah’s faith, the trumpeted inspiration of ISIS.  Europe is building mosques; Europe is adopting...

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