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On Taxation

Kudos for your April 2004 issue on taxation (“Just Say No!”).  Thomas Fleming’s “Tax Slavery” (Perspective) and David Hartman’s “Revolting Taxation” (Views) were right on the mark.  I recently retired after 31 years and 8 months as a bottom-feeding, leg-breaking parasite (IRS revenue officer) for Godzilla, née Leviathan.  The main thing I learned over all those years is never to underestimate the servility of the American people.

Although public education (primarily training to love the unitary state) and mass entertainment (various levels of pornography) have contributed to this state of affairs, I believe that direct taxation of individual income is the main culprit.

Income taxation is founded on three legs.  The first and most important is the middle-class acceptance of the socialist ideology of envy, based on hatred of the rich.  The second leg is withholding at the source.  A more pernicious evil would be hard to dream up.  Who in his right mind would voluntarily pay over to the national government that which is taken by force?  And the third leg is punishment: swift, total, brutal, and, most of all, public.  Fear is...

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