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On Soros

In “George Soros, Postmodern Villain” (Views, February), Srdja Trifkovic certainly offered an extensive, if somewhat random, account of activities undertaken by organizations affiliated with Soros.  However, with all of the facts laid out, I cannot decide whether they amount to Soros’ attempts “to destroy the remaining bastions of the family, sovereign nationhood, and Christian Faith” or his pursuit of what he believes will liberalize and democratize the societies of Eastern Europe.  As an Eastern European, I would gladly pursue many of the policies mentioned in the article.

Also, I believe that the public debate about whether financial arbitrage is “invariably detrimental” has long ended.  Financial “gamblers” such as Soros look to capitalize on market inefficiencies and exploit bad government policies—hardly “invariably detrimental” activities.

        —Nemanja Mijic
Boston, MA

Dr. Trifkovic Replies:

If Mr. Mijic “would gladly pursue many of the policies mentioned in the article”—including the promotion of abortion in demographically moribund societies, relentless “gay” propaganda, the legalization of hard drugs, the imposition...

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