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On Socialized Medicine

In “The Obama Presidency” (Views, October), Doug Bandow warned that Democrat Barack Obama and his leftist policies will bring us some undesirable things, including big government and socialized medicine.  Of course, during the presidency of Republican President George W. Bush, even when the Republicans controlled Congress, government got much bigger and much more intrusive.  And while many conservatives claim to fear big government, they enthusiastically embrace multinational behemoths that are answerable to no one.  The nice little story that giant corporations answer to the free market is a useful cover for what often occurs: Financial intimidation of little concerns, crony capitalism, and the gaining of lucrative government contracts through political connections.  Megacorporations exercise a lot of control over the mythical free market.  The current financial meltdown is the fruit of this bitter tree.

Because “the left would remain the left,” Bandow warns that Obama’s government-sponsored healthcare system must be defeated because it would “socialize medicine.”  The Republicans, on the other hand, have proposed having a number of private insurance companies administer our healthcare system.  Talk about creating a bureaucracy!  There would be a number of different...

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