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On Serbophobia

One reference in Scott P. Richert’s article on Rod Blagojevich (“Meet Rod Blago,” The Rockford Files, April) to the disgraced governor’s Serbian origins would have sufficed to inform Chronicles readers of a somewhat relevant detail.

Two such reminders would have been superfluous.

Three or more amount to making a point, however, of the kind unworthy of your magazine’s past resistance to the mainstream media’s entrenched Serbophobia.

—Gradimir Vuckovic, M.D.
River Forest, IL

Mr. Richert Replies:

Dr. Vuckovic and I have had a very pleasant e-mail exchange that laid his concerns to rest, but at Dr. Fleming’s suggestion, I am taking this opportunity to apologize to our Serbian readership for any offense that I may unintentionally have caused.

As Dr. Fleming often reminds me, I, being half-Polish and half-German, fall prey to the worst of both worlds: My Slavic side makes an irrational decision, and my Germanic side sticks to it, come what may.  In this case, having borrowed for my first paragraph Dr. Fleming’s humorous description of our disgraced former governor’s immaculately coiffed hair (“that Serbian gangster hairdo”), my fate was sealed.


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