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On Saving Ireland

In his “Letter From Cork” (“The Polonization of Ireland,” Correspondence, March), Christie Davies hopefully predicts that recent Polish immigrants will reevangelize postmodern Ireland.  From his lips to God’s ears, although I doubt that the Almighty will be listening.  I, in turn, predict (but do not hope) that what is now a sizable Polish community will be quickly and thoroughly assimilated into the mores of hedonistic modern Ireland.  Think of it as a sociological counterpart to Gresham’s Law—bad social behavior and morality driving out good social behavior and morality.  I base this judgment on my experience as a frequent visitor to Ireland who enjoys dual American-Irish citizenship (thanks to the late Rabbi Meir Kahane’s ground-breaking lawsuit, which permitted this abomination).

You have to go to Ireland to appreciate the smugness of the population that is enjoying their Panglossian fantasies that everything is just hunky-dory, while paying no attention to the demographic, cultural, and moral depravities taking place before their very eyes.  I am afraid that the newly arrived Poles will quickly become an integral component of the ongoing depravity.  Hedonism is fun.  As newly minted members of the Me/Materialist Generation, the native-born Irish will attest to...

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