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On Pulling the Trigger

My friend (and onetime fellow Episcopalian) David Mills speaks dryly, slyly, of the Episcopal Church’s “usual irrelevance” in “Pulling the Trigger” (Vital Signs, March).  Well, you know, the question is: “relevant” to what?  In this present case, to the received Christian Faith?  Ha and double-ha.

Stand Christian morality on its head, as did the Episcopal General Convention in confirming the election of a homosexual as bishop, and you deserve scant credit from the sort of Anglican who prefers John Wesley or John Newman to John Spong.

Nevertheless, to the large, mysterious purposes of the Lord, I think I might detect some relevance in all this mess.  Namely, this: At last we get to watch this whole gay-liberation saga, in its religious context, play out on the stage instead of via suggestions in the ads and playbills; the full orchestra tuned up and sawing  away; the dialogue and recitative given out word for word, rather than cunningly excerpted.

Even now, a few “relevancies” pop up amid the Johnson grass and clover.

1.  The inexhaustibility of the homosexual agenda.  This is Mr. Mills’ central argument, and he is dead right; because the effect of the General Convention’s vote is to sweep away signs that...

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