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On Millennial Misrepresentations

Once again, Church historian Aaron D. Wolf slanders evangelicals with his essay “The Christian Zionist Threat to Peace” (Views, May).  Using the classic ploy of quoting from a dictionary-type source in his introduction allows him to set up his own dispensationalist straw man to knock down in the rest of his polemic.

Mr. Wolf does not really tell the reader what dispensationalism or premillennialism means, but he does get to employ the word apocalypse a few times and act highbrow by denigrating the Left Behind series—all to marginalize evangelicals.

I’ll try to offer such a definition in two sentences.  Premillennialism comes from a literal interpretation of Scripture and entails a belief that Jesus Christ could return at any moment.  When taken in its literal, historical, grammatical sense, God’s Word declares that Jesus Christ’s return is imminent and that, following His return for His Church, He will return seven years later to establish His literal millennial kingdom on this earth.

Mr. Wolf even goes so far as to say that this evangelical eschatology must be flawed because—Heaven forfend—it is not taught in the Episcopalian or Roman Catholic Churches!  Well, maybe that fact alone proves that evangelicals are on to something or have been for...

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