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On Migration

Samuel Francis’s new book America Extinguished and Joe Scotchie’s review of it (“While America Sleeps,” March) deal with the problems resulting from unlimited mass immigration—people from foreign countries bringing a different culture and values to America.  Neither one, however, deals with the fact that the United States has experienced and still faces similar and equally damaging problems resulting from unlimited internal migration.

While California does face a crisis resulting from Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal, it also faces problems that are the result of huge numbers of American-born immigrants—the growing water and electric-power shortages being the most obvious.  And the steady flow of East Coast liberals has increased the voting power of the political left (witness the election of such people as Sen. Barbara Boxer).

Arizona has problems of theft and vandalism caused by Mexican illegals, but most of these immigrants do not stay; they are just passing through on their way to live in other states.  Far worse is that what used to be quiet and pleasant mid-sized Southwestern cities have been flooded with American retirees and are now large, overcrowded cities with the typical urban problems: traffic, smog, sprawl, and crime in the poorer neighborhoods—as well as organized...

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