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On Men of the East

I am perplexed by Aaron D. Wolf’s omission of any reference at all to the Eastern Orthodox Church in “Effeminate Gospel, Effeminate Christians” (Views, July), particularly since he is identified as a Church (capital C) historian.  Coincidentally, the same issue contains Scott P. Richert’s article about the consecration of an Orthodox monastery in Montenegro, which was attended by several Chronicles editors and contributors (“A Timeless Moment,” The Rockford Files).  The Chronicles contingent would have observed none but male leadership in the church in Montenegro, and I am happy to report that the situation in this country is the same.

The number of Orthodox Christians in the United States is increasing steadily, and the nonnegotiability of the Orthodox position on heterosexual male-only ordination is a huge reason, particularly among disaffected mainline adherents.  Thirteen years ago, my husband and I, cradle Southern Baptists (not a mainline denomination but one just as prone to “feminized” worship), said farewell to that organization and to the typical church we attended.  The good old hymns, including “In the Garden,” would have only improved the worship service there, dominated as it was by praise choruses and soft-rock solos by swooning...

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