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On Men in Dark Rooms

When I first read a derogatory comment by Scott P. Richert about Dr. Alan Keyes in the May 2008 issue of Chronicles (“Tan, Rested, and Ready,” The Rockford Files), I was moved to write—but am glad I waited.  At the time I found it to be very uncharacteristic of the magazine, in general, and certainly of Mr. Richert to have made a statement with such certitude about which he obviously lacked the facts.  It had been my privilege to have been in the company of Dr. Keyes when he described the details surrounding his encounter with Barack Obama during the campaign for the U.S. Senate seat in 2004.  I knew the facts, and to read Mr. Richert’s comment to the effect that Alan Keyes was sitting down in a darkened basement watching reruns of his debate with Obama, I knew that he not only didn’t know the personal sacrifice Dr. Keyes made but, distressingly, had evidently made no effort to find out.  Mr. Richert’s remark was both unprofessional and uncharitable.

Now I don’t have to defend Dr. Keyes, as he has laid out in his own words on his blog, Loyal to Liberty, his description of the encounter and the ominous future awaiting us.  (I am enclosing “Obama: Civil War Disguised as Politics?” for Mr. Richert’s reading and reflection.)  Mr. Richert may ask himself, “Did I do my duty as a journalist?”  “Should I have spoken to Dr. Keyes directly...

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