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On Media Conspiracies

Samuel Francis sounds like a Clintonoid in his column “Will Europe Survive?” (Principalities & Powers, August).  He chides the few Republicans who sought the truth about the serious crimes allegedly committed by the Clintons as “conspiracy mongers,” while avoiding such major policy issues as immigration and affirmative action.

While Dr. Francis is correct to criticize Republican leaders for abandoning conservative policies and platforms, he falls into a trap that our power establishment loves: Debate and win on the issues, while forgetting about any criminality or wrongdoing; or, as George W. Bush has said repeatedly, “Let’s move on.”

Dr. Francis is dangerously wrong to trivialize felonies committed by members of our federal government.  If there is credible, corroborative, and substantial evidence that our rulers have committed high crimes, they must be investigated and, if need be, prosecuted and punished.

As damage control, the Clintonoids yelled “conspiracy mongers!” virtually every time an allegation was made against them, epitomized by the former First Lady’s “vast right-wing conspiracy.”  How ironic that Dr. Francis seems to echo that propaganda.

The centrist-liberal Economist said this regarding the Clinton...

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